Welll…… We’re home! The plan was 6 months or more, but we find ourselves back in the USA just one month after we left. Nothing ever goes according to plan, right? For all that are wondering and have been asking what led to this…. Here it is:

Coming home was a huge decision for us, and a decision that wasn’t made overnight. We spent a great deal of time discussing our next moves from Colombia, to Europe, and eventually, home. It’s impossible for us to pinpoint one reason that led to our homecoming, so when we’re presented with the questions of those desiring answers, we simply say, “We were ready to come home.” Me for my reasons, and him for his. We had a lot of fun together, and got to experience some really neat things, but ultimately, the time for us to return, was now. Return to home, and return to begin our lives together. A whole new exciting journey of its own. We don’t know what the future holds for us, but we know that we’re excited to find out. Please continue to follow us on this journey called Life, as I will continually update our blog as our adventure isn’t over, but in many ways, it’s the beginning of an entirely new adventure as we embark on new jobs, schooling, and all those other great things we’ll get to experience in our relationship as it blossoms overtime. Looking forward to our future and the excitement of endless possibilities.

Apartment hunting has ensued this week, so keep your fingers crossed for us! We found the cutest little place downtown and are hoping to find out today if we’re worthy candidates able to reside there. We’re incredibly awesome people who are incredibly fun, so this should be a no brainer.

For now, we’ll end with this… We’re so happy to be home and thank God for football season! Go Gators.

Kevin and Ashlee!

Venice (1 of 1)


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