Fall and Spice and Everything Nice.

Kevin and I have been home for a little over a month, and we’re finally adjusting to normal life together. We signed the lease on our apartment, got it all decorated and it’s turning out to be quite a cozy little place. We’re both actively seeking employment and hope to see some results from our efforts REAL soon….. “God, please give us jobs.. We’re bored.” We’re also both researching plans on continuing our education… Me finishing up my bachelors, and Kevin embarqing on his masters. I have at least one more semester at Valencia, but will be applying to UF and if all goes to plan will be starting there in the Fall of 2014. FINGERS CROSSED!

Since coming home we’ve visited with friends and family and were lucky enough to attend a Gator game two weekends ago. As Fall is upon us, and THANKFULLY the weather is changing, I’m fully embracing this amazing season. I love to cook and love to bake even more than I love to cook, so let the experimenting begin! I’d be lost without pinterest, as this is my new and very favorite go-to for the best recipes EVER. It’s also helping me plan for the future home I’ll have, as well as how I’ll be decorating it and filling up my wardrobe with endless perfect outfits. A girl can dream, right? Anyway, Kevin had some out of town family visiting recently and we were asked to bring a dessert for the family dinner. I love pumpkin and I love spice and I love cookies and I love sugar, so it was obvious what I should do… Stalk pinterest to find something that incorporates all of these things, and find it I did! Pumpkin spice sugar cookies, with a sugary frosty glaze. Oh, yum yum. They are seriously delicious. If you can bake, and want a tastey treat to impress everyone you know at an upcoming office party, or just to eat because you’re craving a yummy cookie, do it. Even if you don’t want cookies, bake them because someone will devour these little gems.

We met most of our neighbors last night and were invited to Thursday nights, monthly “neighbor party,” so I’ll be making another batch as it will surely gain me lots of new best friends.

Try these!! DO IT!
Pumpkin Spice Sugar Cookies

Soft Glazed Pumpkin Sugar Cookies

Until next time! Happy Pumpkin Spice Everything!


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