Long, loooooong hiatus! Kash is back!

Hellloooo everyone! Holy cow what a crazy couple of months. As anyone who at one point was following this blog knows, I haven’t posted in a very long time. I do apologize, as I’ve been told by several different people, on several different occasions, that people actually read this thing! I last posted right around Halloween and oh boy! Things have changed.

Kevin and I are both employed! Yippee! He’s been working since November and I started my job on January 6…… I was hired by Geico as a field claims adjuster, but had to complete 3 months of training before getting to do my actual job. I have 2 weeks left and couldn’t be more excited! The training process is very intense, very stressful and I probably have a million more grey hairs now than I did when I started because it was seriously one of the hardest things I’ve ever done… Seriously……… I had 1/3 of my colon removed and this might have been more difficult, just to give you an idea.

Anyway, the first 3 weeks were spent in Tampa and I spent the 2nd portion of the training (all of February) freezing my BUTT off in DC. We had “graduation” last Friday before flying home in which the students with the top 5 scores were announced and I am pleased to announce that yours truly, was NUMBER 4!!!!! Given what I’ve been through, and how hard I worked, I couldn’t have been more excited! All I did was study, study, study and now I get to throw my hands up! And they stay there…….!

Anyway, I’m back in Tampa this week and next and then I finally get to come home for good and start on the job training. This has been a once in a lifetime experience, but I am truly ready to lead a normal life again.

Kevin has been so supportive and my biggest cheerleader throughout this experience which has helped me to press on when I was on the verge of breaking down. I know this has been difficult for him as well since our longest conversation during the weeks was maybe 15 minutes and I was rushed to chat because I needed to continue with my studies…. He flew up to visit me for valentines day and we had the most wonderful time. Second valentines together and it was perfect!

This past Friday after scooping me up from the airport, we enjoyed dinner together at The Ravenous Pig….. Ummm… If you’ve never been there, you gotta go. It is super good, and by super, I mean THE BEST! I love dinner dates with Kevin and love that we’re getting quality time together again. I’ve missed that sexy man!

Saturday we did a little shopping and Saturday eve, drove to the beach! We had dinner and margaritas, turned in early, then were awoken by the most beautiful sunrise!!! We made some coffee and were out the door for fun in the sun! The sky was clear, the air was light…. Until the FOG rolled in! Not 20 minutes after we selected our sunning chairs (@ 10am), the stupid anomaly-almost-afternoon-fog decided to block all the sun and make it kind of cold. This apparently NEVER happens so go figure it would happen the first time we visit the beach in months. We left and 2 minutes inland the skies were completely clear and beautiful… “Um, beach? Next time I visit, could the fog rise at a normal time? Like before the sun? Ya, thanks…”

Now that my crazy schedule is getting a little more normal, I promise to post much, much more! This weekend, we’ll be heading to Epcot for the flower and garden festival…. Post to follow! Have a wonderful week everyone!!





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